luni, 15 iulie 2013

What's going on in Catalonia

"Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a nation of 7 milion people with a per capita GDP that rivals that of countries such as Finland or the United Kingdom. Catalonia has its own language, culture and history, which have existed since the Xth century. Though Catalonia is currently part of Spain, today a wide majority of Catalans are in favor of holding a referendum to decide if Catalonia should become a new state in Europe. This would be similar to the referendum that took place in Quebec or the one scheduled to be held in Scotland. However, unlike the British and Canadian governments, the Spanish government does not respect this right to decide and does not want to allow us to hold a referendum on this issue."


My message for Catalans: sorry, guys. I don't buy it. Any Spaniard is an European. If you don't want to be Spaniards, you don't want to be Europeans anymore. So shut up. Nobody likes whiners.

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Unknown spunea...

Las'ca merg eu smbata acolo sa fac ordine: cine cu cine si unde?

Anonymous spunea...

Maybe they just want to be Catalan Europeans.

Mihai Buzea spunea...

@ iuliana georgescu: prima miscare - il pui la punct pe Ballesteros, ca prea si-a luat-o-n cap. Unde? In Taragona, buninteles, in sediul nostru de vara, la El Cau, unde ne respectam cu sfintenie deviza: ”Baietii treaba n-are, bea in continuare!”.

@ anonymous: they already are Catalan Europeans . So, why the fuss?!