duminică, 3 aprilie 2016

My Odnoklassniki account

A long, long time ago (a year?) I’ve made an Odnoklassniki account. Why would a Romanian do such a thing? Aren’t Facebook or Twitter far more popular in Europe and in the civilized world? Of course they are, but my goal was different: I wished to make acquaintances among Ukrainians (yes, I know that Odnoklassniki is equally popular in Russia, but Russians are far less smarter than Ukrainians. My last thought is to argue with all kinds of morons!). „Acquaintances” means attractive young women, of course J but also maniac tourists: climbers, city-breakers, rowers, fishermen, bicyclers, mountaineers, historians, photographers, travelers of all sorts. My plan pathetically failed: after a year, I’ve got 1 (one) friend on Odnoklassniki, and of course this man I knew long before having any idea about Odnoklassniki! All in all: or I am the most stupid internet user in Europe, or Odnoklassniki is a fake. A cheap copy of a real thing (Facebook?). Theoretically, Odnoklassniki is not for Ukrainians and Russians only, but also for Moldovans, Azeris, British, Armenians, Georgians, Uzbekis, Turks and Kazakhs. Even for Romanians! Anyone can judge the success of Odnoklassniki: I am the only Romanian there!

What should I tell to Odnoklassniki creator? Or creators? „Sorry, people, but you can do better than this”? Or, simply and bluntly, „Sorry”?! L

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